I am beginning work on my Java tutorials, but for now here is a very helpful starter site
Very informative and useful.

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Our build service is up and stable, but you will only be able to use the preview functionality of our IDE if you are creating an applet, you can however build other things in compilr, but we only supply a template for Java applets, I'll be adding more templates over the next month or so.

Tim Speed

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You can create and compile stand alone java applications through Compilr, but our build service has been on the fritz, but it can work sometimes, we're rebooting it as frequently as we can to keep it working, it has a low uptime at the moment, but I hope to have it fixed over the next week.
I recommend looking here for Java tutorials or info, Google is a great way to find tutorials aswell.
Netbeans is a great java IDE, since our application is currently a bit temperamental starting with NetBeans would be a good way to get some practice. Our goal with Compilr is to replace installed IDE's like NetBeans, and to provide extensive resources for learning different programming languages.
Hope this helps,-Tim

Tim Speed

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Hey Guys
Im having trouble creating a java program, can you only do scripts and applets here, or can you create stand alone programms aswell. if so, does anyone have a code i can use as a tutorial

Java tutes

Hi .. not sure what you mean by 'scripts'? .. Java doesn't have what is generally described as 'scripts' as are available in some other languages.

But let me assure you that the programs you write here are full Java applications and will run on any modern JVM. If you don't want to write applets ... and noone should want to ... you can write normal Java apps here .. its just that they'll be 'command line' apps. Without a GUI .. but they're real Java apps.

Hope this helps ..

using libraries

Hi All,
First, I'm really newby in programing, so please forgive my stupid questions.
Now, I have downloaded librarie in a *.jar file.
How can I use it?

i would like to create a simple app for android OS, I know that it uses Java.

thanks in advance.


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Looks awesome, thanks for the link!

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